Mangrove Adventure Tour

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Mangrove Tour! Starting at 9AM, this 2-hour journey takes you through the serene Paquita River, straight into the heart of the Damas mangroves. Discover the rich biodiversity that these unique ecosystems harbor, including three distinct varieties of mangroves: the Red, the Black, and the rare Pine Mangrove.

Our Mangrove Tour is not just a ride; it’s an entry to one of Costa Rica’s 🇨🇷 best-kept secrets.
Book your adventure today and join us in this unique experience, exploring the wild and unspoiled beauty of the Damas mangroves!

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Duration is approximately 2 h

About the Tour

As we navigate these natural passages, prepare to encounter the lush wildlife of the tropical forest. Get up close with families of White-lined Bats, impressive termite mounds, and snakes like the enigmatic Gardener or Mangrove Arboreal Boa. But that’s not all! The area is a haven for reptiles of all sizes: from imposing lizards and iguanas to the elusive basilisk, known for its astonishing ability to walk on water.

Don’t forget to look up to the trees, as you’ll be accompanied by mischievous troops of capuchin monkeys, also known as “White-faced” monkeys. Additionally, bird enthusiasts will be delighted with the diversity of species fluttering in this natural paradise.

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